What Makes A Good Movie Review

There might be a film review you read that that talks about how good or bad being you know the quality of something like the cinematography or the acting or the editing and they will focus on a particular facet of the film but then apply that to the film’s overall quality it’s not a simple matter of just saying I like this movie I think this movie is good in a good film review has to explain why and a good film reviews not necessarily concerned with what the author thinks her feels based upon their own biases. Find great examples of different types of movie reviews at Edusson.

What it’s concerned with is the author’s analysis based upon the artistic merits of the film itself is the film well-made that justification is what you can use to say whether or not a film is quote good or bad the this is all tying into the either-or position that you’ll bring about in your book you either watch a film and just sit there and enjoy it for what it is or you critically analyse it and think about it on intelligent intelligent level while I prescribe to the theory and I think a lot of you might as well that you can do both the entire concept behind art as a whole and this encompasses not just film but literature and poetry and visual art is it is you know Sir Philip Sidney said to teach and to entertain we consume art to not only be entertained but to learn and so entertainment is not always a passive thing you can there is such a thing as intelligent entertainment analysis of a film is based upon schemas and what that means and I may have mentioned this before I can’t remember schemas are the ways in which we apply prior knowledge to something new and that’s how we form our opinion of it that’s how we base our perception of it.

So you when you approach a new film your you’re watching it whether you realize it or not you are subconsciously or consciously using your prior experiences being other thumbs that you’ve seen in the past and building and an opinion about this new film that you’re watching basically you’re comparing this new movie to old things that you might have seen and our brains are wired to consume story we are creatures of plot and character since human beings could talk to one another through pictures or through words we’ve been telling stories to each other it’s how we build our perception of the world and so if we prescribe to that theory what we’re saying is that we approach any new situation any new story in a sense and apply prior experience to it we basically place ourselves in that situation use our own experience to [Music] judge the quality of the new experience if that makes any sense excuse me we want to concern ourselves with technique and craft.