Business, like most things in life is 90 percent mental and 10 percent execution. Most accomplishments that you achieve in life and in business starts with how you think about or perceive things. And it’s your thoughts that determine your actions.

If you have a positive state of mind, everything else in life and in business naturally flows to you and your past struggles and failures soon fade away.

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So, how do you become an Alpha or leader?

One of the best ways I’ve found is to find who the leaders are in your business or community and then emulate and follow them. This will feel uncomfortable at first because you’re venturing out of your comfort zone. Change is usually never easy. Even if it’s for the better.

I remember my first sales job. Selling was not something I ever felt comfortable doing. In fact, I hated selling but there was something inside me that told me it was a skill I needed to learn. Wasn’t sure how sales and marketing would benefit later in life but here I am, starting my own business.

My successes and failures in sales and marketing was both agonizing and triumphant at times as I think about it. I’ve sold everything from ad space in newspaper and magazines, furniture, sporting goods, cellular phones and accessories to memberships.

The two things I learned was how to get over my fear of approaching people and asking for the sale. Sometimes, your upbringing can limit your success. I was always taught to never ask anyone for money. My feelings of guilt seemed to always be a road block to a sales because I always remembered my those childhood teachings that went against my the values I was taught as a salesperson.

Take control of the situation

One of my biggest problems early in my sales career was that I never took control of the situation. My sales presentation started off great but if I encountered any objections or interruptions, I quickly lost control in the sales process. The customers would gain the upper hand and they would do a better job of selling me why they couldn’t buy than I did selling them on why they should buy.

I always asked the type of questions or came across unsure or weak willed when I approached people. My voice would become lower and I would often mumble. I quickly found out people want to buy from a leader not a wimp.

Consequently, sales was an emotionally draining and frustrating early in my career even though I enjoyed the freedom and potential for making high income. The alpha or leader in me hadn’t quite formed. I was till in the beta or follower stage. It would take years before I could shed my old way of thinking and transition from beta to an alpha.

Alphas/Leaders are valuable To Others

After all is said and done, leadership or magnetic attraction is all about one thing: Increasing your value to others and to the world.

Alphas/leaders are valuable people. The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out. The more valuable you become to others, the more Alpha you will be. That’s the big secret to leadership.

Here are five things you need to understand if you’re going to start a business or organization:

  • If you struggle with growing your business, it’s because you don’t bring anything to the table.
  • If someone joins you, they’re looking to acquire some king of power by associating with you.
  • If they’re not going to gain power of some kind by working with you, they won’t work with you.
  • It doesn’t take a lot to increase your value in the eyes of a prospect because most people don’t have a clue when it comes to building your business or organization.
  • All you need to do is know a little more than they do.

What has been some of your experiences building a business? Whether it’s offline or online, what challenges did you face and how did you deal with them? What ways have you increased your leadership? I’m anxious to see your comments and feedback.