Speaking Through Your Paper

Essay is basically the chance for you to actually show me in your own words who you are not have someone else sees you or not how you perform on a piece of paper is through the essay so it really is an important part in piece of your application materials so keeping that in mind it is very important that you choose something that you care about because your writing will be easier and it will come across on paper so when I’m reading an essay usually I can tell within the first couple of sentences if not the first paragraph if you’re really passionate and you really care about what you’re saying and in that in that essay so really thinking about what do you want to write about is very important okay.

So these are the common application essay prompts for this current academic year so for any of you who are thinking about applying to start next fall and you are using the common application these are the five questions you have to choose from currently I paraphrased many of them because they are pretty lengthy for the sake of time I paraphrase them so let’s just take a look at these quickly so the first is share your story of how your background identity interest or talent is meaningful to this application discuss a time you experienced failure reflect on a time when you challenge the belief or idea what’s a problem you have solved or would like to solve and last discuss an accomplishment or event that marked through transition from childhood to adulthood okay so this is a lot of options it can seem pretty daunting if you’re looking at this initially um the thing to notice about all of these prompts is that they’re fairly open ended and they’re fairly general.

So you could decide maybe at first glance you’re wanting to talk about a time that you experienced failure right so prompt number two so looking at that you’re really going to want to make sure that you choose a direction to go with that that really paints your character that really paints who you are as an individual through that experience so with these prompts yes they’re all quite different but also their open-ended so as long as you answer the question and you address the prompt then you can do whatever you want with it you can be creative you can share your story and so those are the common application essay prompts every year they change just a little bit but for the most part they usually offer quite a few and then let’s take a look at some other ones that you might come across from other universities or scholarship props so a common one is share and achievement so what is something that you have done that you are most proud of I would really encourage you especially those who are the perfectionist maybe the overachievers in the group kindred spirits with me.